The Mystical Showtech Lighting at High On U1 Concert 2023

The High on U1 concert, a remarkable musical extravaganza, took center stage at the YMCA grounds in Chennai on August 5, 2023, with the gracious support of Honda. This captivating event witnessed the convergence of renowned vocalists including Hariharan, Aalap Raju, Premgi, Andrea, Priyanka, and an array of other exceptionally talented artists. Together, they orchestrated an enchanting symphony, bringing to life the soul-stirring melodies composed by the musical maestro Yuvan Shankar Raja. The concert was a true testament to the enchanting world of music, where the fusion of diverse talents came together in a mesmerizing display of harmonious unity, leaving the audience in awe of its magical spell.

Noise and Grains and Showtech World’s Dazzling Collaboration

Masterfully orchestrated by Noise and Grains, a distinguished media house with an illustrious track record, the event bore testimony to their expertise in curating exceptional experiences. Demonstrating their event curation prowess yet again, Noise and Grains leveraged their impressive track record of orchestrating successful and varied events, including “Rock with Raja” and “The Name is Vidhyasagar.” Their natural talent for harmonizing creativity and precision shone as they converted the venue into a dynamic entertainment hub. This, in turn, led to another indelible assembly, perfectly aligning with their esteemed standing, for they are known for delivering nothing short of excellence.

The event blossomed into a true visual marvel, thanks to the dazzling display of lighting orchestrated by Showtech World. With a distinguished history of over 35 years as a leading provider of lighting solutions, Showtech World brought their expertise to the forefront, infusing the stage with an electrifying ambiance. The carefully crafted play of lights ignited the atmosphere, painting the performances with vibrant hues and dynamic shades. Showtech World’s deft touch didn’t just illuminate the stage; it wove a tapestry of artistry that elevated the entire event, underscoring their steadfast commitment to innovation and their unyielding pursuit of excellence in the field of lighting.

Shining Bright: A Spotlight on Showtech world Lighting Solutions

The PRISM 380 BSW CTO+CMY is a dynamic lighting fixture, perfect for stages, events, and DJs. With an OSRAM 380W lamp bulb, it offers 1500-hour lamp life and an 8000K color temperature. It features captivating optical elements like bi-directional flow gobos, water wave glass rotation, and a versatile color wheel. Its precise control includes a beam angle of 2.3° to 50°, three-phase motor pan/tilt, and safety shutdown for overheating. The fixture operates from AC100-240V, offers RDM, DMX512 control, and a user-friendly LCD display. The black housing, 3-pin DMX/power connections, and noiseless fan cooling make it an ideal choice, weighing 23kg for easy transport. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:

The GAMMA CURTAIN BAR LIGHT RGB is a dynamic lighting solution, powered by AC 110-240V input voltage at 50/60Hz, with a max power of 80W. With 40 LED 3W RGB bulbs, it offers an impressive color range of 16.7 million RGB colors. Supporting DMX512, RDM, and AUTO protocols, it provides versatile control options. Channel options range from 3 to 121 CH, accommodating various lighting complexities. The fixture features convenient power in/out and DMX in/out connections. Offering 0-100% linear dimming without flicker, and equipped with fan cooling, this fixture ensures a captivating and reliable lighting experience for a range of applications. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:


GAMMA 84X3 LED PAR, a powerful lighting solution featuring 84 high-grade 3W Tainxin LEDs. With 18 RGBW and 12 warm white LEDs, it offers versatile color options. Operating on AC 110-240V, it provides consistent performance. Choose between a 15° clear lens for spot lighting or a 25° lens for wash effects. Consuming 330W, it balances brightness and efficiency. Its robust handle metal locking system ensures easy handling. Control it through DMX512, Sound, Auto modes, enhanced by RDM for bi-directional communication. At 8/9 channels, it offers precise control. Equipped with German Schuko and Neutrik XXR connectors, it ensures reliable connectivity. The built-in DC noiseless cooling fan prevents overheating, maintaining peak performance. Weighing 3kg, it’s portable and versatile for various applications. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:×3-led-par-rgbwww-wwcw/

The Gamma Atomic Strobe is a versatile lighting fixture with 250w power, AC100-240v voltage range, and 960 5050 three-color LED lamp beads. Offering 32bit 0-100% linear dimming, it showcases dynamic effects like 12-segment horse running, dyeing, and flashing. Operating at 30°C to 50°C, it maintains performance under various conditions. With a stroboscopic frequency of 1-30Hz, it syncs light with music. Control options include DMX512, self-propelled, master-slave, voice control, and RDM. Housed in durable black metal, it features DMX512/power input/output connections and IP20 rating for indoor use. The Gamma Atomic Strobe redefines visual experiences for events and performances. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:


The 4K W follow spot boasts a 6000K color temperature, illuminating distant subjects with clarity. Its 3000-hour lifespan and adaptable AC 100-240V input voltage ensure enduring performance in various environments. Operating at 20-45°C, it offers reliable lighting. Emitting a powerful white light, the spot’s 1250W lamp reaches distances of 150 meters, making it ideal for large venues. With a 1000-hour working lifetime, it guarantees durability. This follow spot is a professional solution for impactful lighting, catering to performances and events that demand precision and brilliance. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:

The GAMMA STELLAR 400W WW + CW is an innovative lighting solution, featuring a single 400W CW/WW COB LED lamp that seamlessly transitions between warm white (3200K) and cool white (5600K) options. Operating on AC 100-240V at 50/60Hz, with a power consumption of 450W, it ensures adaptability and efficiency. With a GOBO Clip offering an optional steel GOBO, creative possibilities abound. Controlled through DMX512 and RDM, it supports Color Correction, Demo, Master/Slave functions, and 4 selectable dimming curves. Boasting 4 DMX channels, this fixture suits a variety of lighting arrangements, making it a versatile choice for diverse settings. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:


The GAMMA BIG BEE EYE is a dynamic lighting solution that infuses venues with captivating visuals. Boasting a light source of 19pcs 40W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, each with a 50,000-hour lifespan, this fixture ensures enduring vibrancy. Operating within a voltage range of AC100V-240V at 50-60Hz and consuming 760W, it balances power efficiency with performance. The fixture’s flexible control modes—DMX512, Sound-activated, and Master/Slave—offer versatile operational options, complemented by a pan range of 540° and tilt range of 220° for smooth and accurate positioning. With a spot angle of 0-60°, 24/26/38/81/95/100/102CH channel options, and a beam angle of 6-60°, this fixture delivers impressive versatility. Designed for professional stages and DJs, the GAMMA BIG BEE EYE comes with essential accessories like power cables, safety cables, user manual, and XLR cables, ensuring seamless integration into various setups. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:

The GAMMA CHROMA WASH 37X15w, a versatile lighting fixture equipped with 37 high-quality 15W RGBW 4in1 LEDs for enduring vibrancy. Operating on AC 110-240V, consuming 600W, it balances power and efficiency. With 24/26/36/78 CH channels, customizable stroboscopic range (1-25Hz), and spot angle (4.5°-45°), it offers precise control. DMX512 compatibility and built-in programs simplify programming. The fixture’s 7.9-38° zoom, 540° Pan, and 270° Tilt create dynamic movement effects. Compact at 413X320X486mm, it’s suitable for various venues. Accessories like power cables, safety cables, and XLR cables accompany it. Ideal for stages, nightclubs, weddings, and bars, this fixture ensures captivating visuals. Upgrade your lighting game today with ShowTech World’s Sharpy Beam series lights by visiting:×15/

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